Make Smarter Choices With Your Money

Business Owners & Executives

Business Owners

Small & Medium Business owners require specific financial solutions that adapt to various business stages. Our team at Mayes Financial works with executives and business owners alike to provide a high level of financial expertise geared towards successful planning. We have helped many Boise businesses in the following occupations:

  • Dentists & Doctors
  • Inventors & Entrepreneurs
  • Realtors & Developers
  • Farmers & Dairymen
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Retail or Service Owners

From tax implications to cash flow to stock options, Mayes truly understands the concerns of high-level business professionals and provides the strategies needed to address entrepreneurial complexities. We are driven to fulfill the many financial needs and functions of business professionals.

Professional Money Management

  • Institutional Management
  • Risk Tolerance Review
  • Transparency

Protect Your Assets

  • Finance Planning Strategies
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Managed Risk
  • Health Care Expenses
Income Planning

Income Planning Services

Most of us spend our working years saving and accumulating retirement assets or climbing the mountain to retirement. But not everyone has a plan to safely get down the other side. At Mayes Financial Nampa, we firmly believe comprehensive income planning is the cornerstone to successful retirement years. We can help identify your guaranteed income while also helping you fully understand your expenses. Your income plan is a roadmap to financial independence and we provide comprehensive retirement advice to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Investment Management

Investment Management Services

Do you know if you are taking on too much risk or not enough risk to reach your retirement goals? Through our comprehensive financial planning process, we will analyze your current portfolio's risk level and provide investment guidance to ensure your investment strategy is aligned with your long-term goals. At Mayes Financial, we help our clients build a customized portfolio that is focused on achieving long-term financial goals instead of simply chasing the market. We believe in not just making money, but helping you hold onto it too.

Risk Management

Risk Management Services

There are three major risks and unknowns those planning for retirement face: the rising cost of health care, inflation and longevity. At Mayes Financial, we guide you through the options available for managing risk. From self-funding your future health care costs to utilizing hybrid long-term care insurance products, there are many ways to ensure you do not outlive your envisioned lifestyle and plan for your retirement.

Asset protection

Asset Protection Services

As you move into the later stages of life, your estate plan will offer you peace of mind that your assets will care for your family for years to come. Mayes Financial offers thorough estate planning to address even the most complex planning needs. We work to protect and grow clients' assets and prepare to pass them on to your heirs and charities.

Tax Strategies

Business Tax Strategies

Mayes Financial will help you understand how different investments are taxed so you can make the right investment decisions. We will work with your current tax advisor or CPA to ensure your Retirement Plan is aligned to minimize taxes. We believe that proper tax planning is based on being proactive rather than reactive, and will help you understand the value of year round tax planning, instead of waiting to the last minute.